Sophianna Bishop


Why do you love working at GOJ?
People genuinely care about each other.

Tell us about the culture at GOJ.
We’re not afraid to challenge each other and our clients. We don’t believe in “playing it safe”. This doesn’t mean risking clients’ business. It’s about “going off mute” and having each of our voices heard to make creative the best it can be.

What is it you love about working in such a creative place?
There are no limits. The only limits are the ones you set yourself. Anything is possible…well… within a reasonable budget☺︎

Tell us about the people you work with. What are they like?
There’s never a dull meeting. Everyone is ready to bring their POV to the table and open to discussion. This can only happen because everyone I have the opportunity to work with is encouraging, respectful, and has high standards. So, as a collective, we can push the boundaries to create amazing work.

What is the last campaign you worked on that you are really proud of, and why?
Spotify Musication Campaign: “今日も僕らは、音でつながって生きている” (We’re all connected by sound) We won the pitch for Spotify in the Spring. This led to a new creative platform for the brand in Japan: “It all starts with a sound.” Based on this new creative brand platform, we developed the campaign concept of “Musication” (music x communication) that builds a story that GenZs can relate to. Far too often brands treat stories as an accessory that we tack on to our products/services at the end. But with this campaign, we were able to bring the brand story to the center making sense of why Spotify does what it does in a way that best connects with GenZs. In a world that may feel like it’s filled with pain and loneliness, Spotify is solely committed to audio that brings us all closer together.

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