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Geometry Ogilvy Japan will host the second XLAB webinar on April. 22nd, 2021. The series is designed to dissect the evolution of marketing and the impact of Digital Transformation (DX). The key for businesses to unlock the values of the new era and the new generation is focus on CX (customer experience.) We are holding this Webinar to think and come up with tips to expand business opportunities by thinking and ideating from various perspectives as we tap into fresh case studies from around the world.

DATE:April 22nd, 2021, 11:00 – 12:00 

Understanding The New Consumer Behaviors Accelerated By Covid-19

Language: Japanese with English simultaneous interpretation services

Covid-19 has completely changed people’s behavior in many unpredictable ways. Brands and businesses were not prepared for this change and are now left trying to make sense of entirely new and reinvented ecosystems with consumers they don’t feel they know any more. However, with adversity comes opportunity; this accelerated level of change provides opportunities for brands and businesses to create a new era of customer experiences designed to connect with consumers in new and more meaningful ways.

In the second edition of X LAB, we will share the mounting challenges provided by more diverse consumers and their evolving behavior and reimagined journeys. We will dive into inspirational case studies from Japan and the world from brands who embraced this challenge. This 60-minute session can you reframe great behavioral change into great business opportunity.

To our panel discussion, we welcome Mr. Takayuki Okamoto, Manager of the Web Sales Department from Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.. Mr. Okamoto joined Japan Airlines in 2009. Since 2014, he has been in charge of overall e-commerce at JAL. We will ask Mr. Okamoto how JAL has put the system in place to stay agile and responsive to the change of customer behavior and about his mission, maximizing income and improving customer experience through e-commerce.

The series of XLAB webinars is designed to dissect the evolution of marketing with the impact of Digital Transformation (DX). These webinars help provide counsel and guidance for the next generation of marketing and business leaders in Japan.

※ Registration to the limited On-line Event via Zoom is free of charge. You can participate to the Webinar with your own device via on-line.
※ In case we have over capacity registration, the actual participants will be chosen through lottery winners. After lottery is conducted winners will be notified with the URL to the Webinar.

<Keynote Speech>

Yasushi Arikawa, Creative Director, Geometry Ogilvy Japan

Hiroko Okita, Strategy Director,
Customer Engagement

<Panel Discussion>

Mr. Takayuki Okamoto, Web Sales Manager, Japan Airlines

Naomi Nomura

Naomi Nomura, Program Director, Geometry Ogilvy Japan


Naoko Ito, Executive Director, Geometry Ogilvy Japan

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